Pleasure Proclamation - Day 1

Devote the month of March to expanding your embodied experience of pleasure. Each day, there is a new daily self sensual indulgence to explore physical sensation.

What can happen during a full month of self pleasure:

  • playing with different types of sensation through touch, depth, pressure, temperature
  • feel different parts of your body to feel a deeper physical connection with yourself
  • explore a type of somatic meditation to pull you out of your head and into your skin
  • grow your capacity and tolerance for physical stimulation and examine uncharted responses

Follow along to get the most out of the encounter.

Day 1 - An experience in sensation

Spend 10 minutes moisturizing your own body with anything you choose. After the shower or before bed would be a perfect time.


  • use something that smells good to you and gently inhale the scent with rich, full breaths
  • make a three or four song playlist of something that makes you feel sexy
  • start at the bottom and work your way up, slowly touching every part you can reach
  • feel with the body part you're touching, as well as with your hands and fingers
  • use different varieties of touch - change the pressure, speed, depth to change the experience
  • pay special attention to your favourite and not so favourite spots and breathe into them with appreciation and love
  • save your genitals for last, even after the 10 minutes or few songs are over
  • focus more on feeling and less on thinking. When your mind wanders, bring yourself back to the sensations you're experiencing
  • be gentle and indulgent with yourself

Feel free to DM me with your experiences or any questions you have. Enjoy!