Pleasure Proclamation - Day 11

Eat and savor something delicious. 

Consume something scrumptious today. Maybe it's a whole meal, maybe it's one chocolate Easter egg, maybe it's a smoothie.

Here's some tips:

  • prolong the experience by eating slowly
  • eye fuck and sniff your food first - let your mouth water
  • feel for textures and explore varying tastes
  • hear your mouth and it's contents move around, can you slow this down?
  • close your eyes and relish in the experience of devouring something that brings you pleasure

Take a few minutes out of you day either right away or later on to reflect on the special parts of this experience. Is food something you can savor and take delight in? Could eating be a way of experiencing pleasure? Were you so excited that it was hard to not wolf it down? Is this something you could play with a few times a week or maybe a couple times a day to experience embodied pleasure?

Feel free to DM me with your experiences or any questions you have. Enjoy!