Pleasure Proclamation - Day 13

Massage all around your genitals.

Because blood flow = pleasure, lubrication, pressure and erections. Physical arousal happens when our erectile tissue fills up with blood. It is obvious in regards to male anatomy, as it results in an erection, but it can be less obvious in the female anatomy, mainly because we aren't looking for it and we don't glamorize it as much as a hard on.

Ways to massage around your genitals:

  • sit on a therapy or tennis ball (with your clothes on) and aim for the space between your genitals and your asshole - shift around slowly feeling for areas of tension and hanging out for a few moments on each spot
  • use therapy balls or a foam roller on your inner thighs and butt cheeks
  • feel around the top of the pubic bone and apply firm but gentle pressure to tender or tense areas
  • if you have abdominal or pelvic scars shift them and lift them
  • use fingers or a toy to massage the inside with the intention of relaxing the muscles
  • utilize muscle contraction and relaxation to calm down the musculature

Do this for a minimum of five minutes. Try a few things and span it over half an hour or more if you can make the time for it. 

Feel free to DM me with your experiences or any questions you have. Enjoy!