Pleasure Proclamation - Day 14

Ohm for five minutes, shifting the focus up and down your spine.

This is so juicy and so powerful. It may seem crazy, but hear me out and experience it for yourself before you judge it.

  1. Get comfortable and in a space you won't be interrupted. I like the bath tub.
  2. Set a timer for five minutes (or more.)
  3. Take five rich breaths.
  4. Start to ohm on your exhales.
  5. Let the vibrations radiate down and back up your spine and expand through your body. 
  6. Take five rich breaths after the timer goes off.
  7. Move slowly back into your life.

Things to explore:

  • lengths of the inhales, exhales and spaces between the top and bottom of the breath
  • shifting the emphasis to the "o" "h" or "m" of the sound
  • play with volume and pitch - how does it affect you to shift those things around?
  • how did you feel after? Take some time to reflect.

Feel free to DM me with your experiences or any questions you have. Enjoy!