Pleasure Proclamation - Day 17

Listen and move to music that turns you on. 

I had something different planned for today but seeing as how it's the day of St. Patrick, I figured I'd flow with that.

Take a solid 20 minutes to crank some tunes that make you randy and move your body with the sensual and sexual energy you cultivate from the music. As simple and complex as that. If you choose to do this with a partner, avoid the inhibition that can come from being watched and focus on what is going on in your body in relation to theirs.

  • try standing, sitting or lying down
  • rolling, crawling, twerking
  • use furniture, walls and props
  • throw in some singing, humming or moaning to the beat. 
  • shifting into genital stimulation towards the end if you feel drawn towards it

Feel free to DM me with your experiences or any questions you have. Enjoy!