Pleasure Proclamation - Day 4

Draw a self portrait that emphasizes all of your favourite and most sensitive parts.

We pick our bodies apart day in and day out. Spend some time focusing on what you love about your body.

  • what feels, looks, smells, sounds or tastes good
  • take your sweet time
  • use any medium you like - pastels, a paint brush, a white board, a huge piece of paper, a post it (okay, that might be a bit small to add the details, but you feel me.)
  • perhaps write some things down that call your attention with the intention to make a plan if that's how your brain works
  • make some parts big, small, colourful, abundant, textured
  • maybe you draw a background or put clothes or accessories on, maybe you don't

Do your thang and find enjoyment in the process. We will revisit so don't fret if this isn't an easy project for you. 

Feel free to DM me with your experiences or any questions you have. Enjoy!