Pleasure Proclamation - Day 24

Check yourself out.

By this I mean check your genitals out. Use all your senses and feel free to take pictures. This will be more enlightening to women, as our genitals need a mirror to inspect. You are more than welcome to do this with a partner, but don't get too distracted ;)

Check them out when:

  1. you're not aroused
  2. when you're half way aroused
  3. when you're fully turned on
  4. after orgasm(s)

What does each part look like?

How do your inner and outer lips feel? Squishy, swollen, blossoming, wet, dry.

How does your clit feel? Hard, soft, sensitive, bored.

How does the inside and outside of your vagina feel? Think textures, wetness, tightness, stretchiness, temperature, sensation.

Where is your cervix sitting and does it move easily? Low, hard, soft, unyielding, buoyant.

Feel free to DM me with your experiences or any questions you have. Enjoy!