Pleasure Proclamation - Day 3

Create an experience journal of all the sensual and erotic things you've done. This could take up to an hour or more so give yourself ample time. 

  1. Write down all the things.
  2. Write or draw how it made you feel.
  3. Record whether it's something you're interested exploring in the future or may consider exploring in the future.

How you create this is entirely up to you. You can type it up, you can draw pictures, you can use a chalk board or use crayons and you can burn it after or save it for a few years down the road to reflect upon. I do love the idea of using colour to put check marks, Xs, smiley faces, big black lines, giant circles. When we use our hands and flirt with artistry, we create more of an embodied experience and stimulate our creative centres, which also happen to be our sexual centres. 

However your psyche responds to this, feel it for awhile through meditation, let the negative emotions go and absorb all the positive feels. You may be surprised by what gets stirred up.

Feel free to DM me with your experiences or any questions you have. Enjoy!