Pleasure Proclamation - Day 30

Soap yourself sensually and savagely.

In general, we don't spend a lot of time nude (especially here in Canada in March.) Showers and baths are an excellent opportunity to take advantage of all the skin that's accessible to us and to enjoy a conscious erotic experience with yourself. Let today's exercise be a blend of a little softness with a splash of roughness, but don't go too crazy now, you're in the shower!

  • go slow, then fast, then back to slow
  • touch your skin, dive deep into your muscles with more pressure, then come back to the surface
  • tickle your scalp as you wash your hair, then really dig your finger tips in, or perhaps grab handfuls and pull a little, savour the rinse after
  • touch everywhere you can from the tips of your toes to the top of your head in a multitude of ways

Feel free to DM me with your experiences or any questions you have. Enjoy!