Pleasure Proclamation - Day 31

Write down three healthy, simple things that you do for you that bring you pleasure.

Now do them everyday. Or you could make a list of 20 and pick three new ones everyday. The don't have to be sexual either, they must bring you pleasure though.

Mine would be:

  • have a dance party to music that makes me gracious or ecstatic
  • take a bath filled with warm epsom salts and read a book
  • enjoy my morning coffee by the fire
  • truly tune into my body as I or another pleasures it
  • eat something delectable and experience my mouth's response to it
  • meditate and journal
  • roll on therapy balls
  • hug my children for an awkward amount of time and stare deep into their eyes
  • smile at people that cross my path

And I will slap the list to the wall and commit to doing a minimum of three a day and write them in my planner. 

Feel free to DM me with your experiences or any questions you have. Enjoy!