Pleasure Proclamation - Day 6

Write every word for male and female genitals you can recall and record how you feel about each one.

  • say it out loud
  • use it in a sentence or two
  • feel free to add boobs and buttholes to the list, as well as dicks and pussies
  • consider why you feel the way you do about it
  • expand your curiosity and limit your self-judgement 

When it comes to our sexual body parts, there are a few categories of words: medical, babyish, beat around the bush (pun intended) and "naughty" ones. There are some we love and some we hate, but what if they're just words? Which terms or phrases turn you on? Could you consider vocalizing them during sex with yourself or others? 

In terms of aural sex, stay tuned for more Pleasure Proclamation indulgences!!

Feel free to DM me with your experiences or any questions you have. Enjoy!