Sex, relationship and intimacy coaching begins and ends with you.

Your needs,

your wants

and your desires.

Let me guide you as you unlock your sexual and relational potential to change your world. 

I’ve become more aware of how my desires, my choices and my empowerment affect my community and my world.
— Dr. Betty Martin


Complimentary Consultation

Twenty Minutes - Free

Individual Sessions

One Hour - $100

Ninety Minutes - $145

Two Hours - $185

Couples Sessions

Ninety Minutes - $180

Two Hours - $230

Sex, Relationship and Intimacy Coaching is...


Each person has a different life, with a different past and different needs. Individual coaching tailors each program based on the client's specific goals, comfort level and lifestyle.


Unlike conventional therapy, which tends to focus on the past, coaching works in the present with the intention to positively impact the future. Sex, relationship and intimacy coaching provides tools, resources and education to propel clients towards their specific goals.


Sex and relationship coaching is client-centered. Plans are made as a team between clients and coach to come up with the optimal solutions at a pace they're comfortable with.


Sex, relationship and intimacy coaching is a wellness based approach focused on healing and nurturing the sexual self, as a whole, without shame, labels or judgement.


The goal of coaching is empowerment. A coach guides, educates and suggests, and the real work is done by the client. Fostering a sense of independence begins at the onset of the first session.


Coaching, much like relationships and sexuality, is fluid in nature and honours the ebbs and flows of the growth process. Programs can shift and adapt based on what the client’s wants and needs are. Session length, periodicity and style are all versatile.

How Sex, Relationship and Intimacy Coaching can help:

Women with

Low or no sexual desire

Orgasm issues

Pain during sex and vaginismus

Sexual inhibition

Sexual trauma

Social or dating issues

Desire for enhanced pleasure

Body dysmorphia


Men with

Desire for enhanced pleasure

Low or no sexual desire

Early or unintentional ejaculation

Erectile issues

Body dysmorphia

Sexual inhibition

Sexual or relationship trauma

Social or dating issues

Couples with

Little to no sexual activity

Communication issues

Body image issues

Conflicts pertaining to desire levels

Skill development

Kink and fetish integration


Unconventional relationships – open relationships, swinging and polyamory


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Whether you're looking to tap into your pleasure potential, heal sexual pain and trauma, broaden your knowledge and sexual toolbox or simply reconnect and boost your relationship with yourself or your partner, coaching can help.

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